Fujou Academy Freedom Festival, AKA FuF Festival
Episode 3
Japanese Title 府上学園フリーダム祭。通称フフ祭
Romaji Title Fujō Gakuen Furīdamu-sai. Tsūshō fufu-sai
Airdate 2014-01-21
Manga Chapters 6 and 7
Theme Music
Opening Stalemate! by IOSYS jk Girls
Ending Minna no Namae wo Irete Kudasai by Roka, Takao and Funabori
Previous Episode Episode 2
Next Episode Episode 4

The FuF Festival is coming up soon and the (fake) Game Creation Club needs to come up with something quick! Can they come up with something other than elemental-based ideas on how to sabotage the opponent?

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