Kanji 高尾
Gender Female
Height and Weight 163 cm, 46 kg
Birthday 26 December
School Fujou High
Class and Year 2-C
Club Game Creation Club
Anime Episode 2
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 4

Takao is a second year student at Fujou High and the current president of the Real Game Creation Club.


She lives with two siblings, an eldest and middle sister, her mother and an unnamed father.

After her attempts to have the Game Creation Club (Temp) shut down or absorbed into her own club fails, she begins to regularly hang around their club to the point that her own club members rarely see her.


Takao has fair skin, light brown hair, and brown eyes. Her hair reaches down to about her waist. Takao's hair is always tied into a braid using a hair tie. Like most anime characters, Takao has bangs and locks of hair framing her face. One of her most notable features is her extremely large bust size, which gives her difficulty in closing her tracksuit's zipper whenever she wears it.

Her breasts bounce a lot due to their size, and she always has difficulty in closing her tracksuit's zipper, as mentioned before. Takao also wears a red headband, and her bangs are parted in the middle.


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Takao is a simple, proud, and sometimes, dense girl. She can be very stubborn, as she really hates to lose and quickly holds grudges against anybody for any number of reasons. She is also intimidated quite easily despite her tough attitude, and is prone to cry at any moment. However, deep down, she is actually a very sweet and kind girl. Takao cares very deeply for her friends, and she is always willing to help and support them. Despite her usually tough attitude, she is actually quite competent and a good leader; leading the real Game Creation Club away from the brink of disbandment and even winning awards for their games. However, her interactions with the Fake Game Creation Club often makes her flustered, frustrated or embarrassed. She is ordinarily one of the more levelheaded characters in strange situations, usually retorting other people's behavior. However, she also can quickly get caught up in the moment and act just as wild.

She has had romantic feelings for Kenji ever since he helped her reconcile with Roka. Despite her usual attitude, Takao deeply admires his kindness and willingness to help others. As a result, she continuously tries to spend time with him, even to the point of neglecting her club duties sometimes. Although very shy about her feelings, she has made numerous coy advances towards him. However, her effort often goes unnoticed due to his denseness. Nevertheless, she continues to care about him and frequently tries to support him. She can also get quite jealous of his relationship with multiple girls, making her more competitive for his attention.

Takao is also a very avid gamer; her main hobby is playing them, even pulling all nighters despite her sisters' annoyance. Anything related to games, she becomes super excited and passionate, even willing to wait in line really early to buy her favorite ones. She is also very adept at developing fun and unique games from different genres. As mentioned before, she is the current Game Creation Club president and won awards for their achievements. Even the Fake Game Creation Club has asked her to help create one for them, much to her dismay. 


Takao was part of the original Game Creation club, along with Roka Shibasaki until Roka quit, accepting responsibility for the incident that caused the other club members to quit. This left the club on the brink of destruction, forcing Takao to find new club members. Eventually, she would meet and recruit the current members. Together, they would rebuild the club, even winning an award for their game. However, when Takao tried to invite Roka back to the club, she declined as she also created her own Game Creation Club. This act would cause Takao to feel betrayed and develop a grudge against the club. Since then, she has actively tried to disband the club to bring Roka back until the start of the series.


Takao and Roka were originally good friends and members of the original Game Creation Club. However, Roka never seemed to fit, prompting Chitose to bury the other members and cause them to quit. As penance, Roka accepted responsibility and quit despite Takao's protest. Takao would then rebuild the club and eventually invite Roka back, only to find out that she had already created her own club. Feeling abandoned, Takao would then make attempts to shut down Roka's club in order to bring her back. However, she comes to terms with Roka's decision after challenging them during the school festival, realizing that Roka is having fun at her new club and feels at home there. However, she becomes greatly annoyed at Roka's suggestion of joining their club instead. Since then, Takao has forgiven her and they have remained on friendly terms, although she is still sometimes unsettled by Roka's antics, particularly towards her chest. Takao has also started to drop by their club more often, much to Roka's please. However, the both of them are aware of the other's interest in Kenji, something Takao has once felt guilty over. Nevertheless, the two of them still compete against one another for his attention, getting jealous of his interactions with other girls. 

Takao's first meeting with Kenji was during his suspension in an attempt to convince him to leave Roka's Game Creation CLub. Initially, she was very wary of him as a result of his delinquent reputations and misleading information from Minami. However, after he helps her reconcile with Roka, she develops feelings for him. Consequently, she starts trying to get closer to him, even skipping her own club activities sometimes. Takao has a deep admiration for his kindness and willingness to help others in need. As such, she does her best to help support and encourage him, often in indirect ways. She can also get very jealous of his relationships with other girls, often becoming competitive with them for his attention. But despite her attempts, Kenji still remains clueless of her affection as a result of a combination of his denseness and bad luck. From Kenji's side, he views her as a kind girl, but also considers her just as eccentric as the other girls in his club. Overall, they get along fine, but can ocassionaly disagree and become competitive with each other.

Chitose and Takao initially had a very rough start, as Chitose was the true reason why the first Game Creation Club nearly disbanded and Roka left as a result. Their relatioship further worsened when Chitose formed the second Game Creation Club with Roka, causing Takao to feel abandoned and try to disband their club. Despite her grudge, Takao is somewhat afarid of Chitose, who often antagonizes and abuses her; particularly, Chitose often pokes fun of Takao's large chest. However, during the bet between the two clubs, Chitose comforts a crying Takao after winning, apologizing for her actions and lack of thought on the consequences. Furthermore, she asks her not to resent Roka and realize that she still wants to be friends. Since then, they have remained on amicable terms, although Takao is still quite flabbergasted by her aggressive personality and actions. Chitose is also aware of Takao's feelings for Kenji, often amused while observing their relationship.

Inada is the current vice president of the real Game Creation club and one of Takao's close friends. Some time during the club's near disbandment, she was recruited by Takao alongside Sakuragaoka and Yamada. Together, they would revive the club and even win an award for their games. As the only other female member of the club, Inada and Takao are good friends and usually hang out together the most. However, Inada has a bit of a perverted obsession towards Takao's large bust, sometimes being jealous of her president's "growth". Nevertheless, she cares deeply for her friend, often trying to support her. Although, she does worries about Takao's stubborness and naivety. Currently, Inada has been concerned about Takao's recent absenses from their club, but quickly understands the reason why. As such, she tries to assist Takao and give her opportunities to get closer to Kenji. However, her efforts are often fruitless, due to Takao's shyness and lack of focus, which usually leaves Inada frustrated on numerous occassions. Nevertheless, she continues to offer her support and follows Takao's decisions, regardless of any strange situations as a result..

Sakuragaoka and Yamada are both current members of the the Game Creation club. Sometime ago, they were recruited by Takao and helped rebuild the club after it was nearly disbanded. Together, they were even able to win an award for their game and become awknowledged by other school's clubs. As her juniors, they respect her as their leader and are willing to follow her, even if her decisions leads them to strange  and complicated situations. Takao, in return, is grateful for their support and cares for them as their president. 


  • Alongside Funabori, Takao's first name has still not been revealed.
  • Just like other characters' in D-Frag their names are reference to railway stations in Japan, Her name is derived from Takao Station (Tokyo).
  • Takao is one of few girls to have a clear crush on Kazama, the others being Roka, Funabori and Hata Takafudou.
  • Takao three sizes are 92-61-83 cm.
  • Takao lives with both her parents and two older sisters. She inherited her mother's figure, while Takao sisters are both flat-chested.
  • Takao has often been noted to have above average physical abilities, being able to push someone far distances or single handedly hold back a closing stone door. Her strength is implied to have been inherited from her mother, who also demonstrated similar abilities. Other characters have also commented or suggested that this is due to their large bust size.
  • Takao made an interesting cameo in The World God Only Knows season 2 episode 5 as a character in Keima's galge. [1]
  • Takao eavesdropping on Kenji
  • Takao showing interest in Kenji
  • Takao, quick to cry