Tsutsumi Inada
Kanji Name 稲田 堤
Gender Female
School Fujou High
Class and Year 1-A
Club Game Creation Club
Anime Appearance Episode 2
Manga Appearance Volume 1 Chapter 4


She is a student at Fujou High. She is a glasses wearing girl who is the Vice-President of the Real Game Creation Club. She said Oka Sakuragaoka  is a very hot boy who has the appearance of a girl. She loves it when Sakuragaoka dresses up as a girl as shown she will have a scene of nosebleeding everytime Sakuragaoka crossdresses, during the tournament at Fujou High which was held for Roka Shibasaki, she was serving as a host along with Chitose Karasuyama.


She is a pervert.


She and Takao seem quite close, so it is assumed that she was part of the original club.